Business Quality
Quality Frameworks
 ISO 9000  ISO 14000  EFQM(TQM)
 TS16949  TPM  Balance Score Card
 Deming Award  COPC  CMMI
 ITIL  Malcolm Baldridge Award  eSCM
 OHSAS 18001  ISO 22000  ISO/IEC 27001
 SA 8000  ISO/IEC 20000 PAS 99
 BS 25999 ISO 10002  SERVQUAL
Problem Solving Methods
 Quality Circle  Kaizen  Six Sigma DMAIC
 Six Sigma DFSS  8D problem solving  Lean
 Theory of Constraint  Innovation  Re-engineering (BPR)
Quality Tools
Understand Find root cause Validate cause Find Solution
 Project Charter  Fish Bone 2 T Test  Control Chart(1)
 SIPOC  Why-Why Analysis  AnovaControl Chart(2)
 Process Map  Pareto Analysis  Regression  Control Chart(3)
 Process Capability  C & E Matrix  Gauge R & R  Control Plan
 Input Output Matrix  FMEA  DOEAutomation
VOC  Random Samples  Benchmarking
KPIV/KPOV  FMEA (1) Audits
 Swim Lane  Basic Statistics(1)
Lean ,DFSS, Innovation tools or terms
 5 S  Kanban  Pull System  SMED
 Takt Time  Continuous flow  Poka-Yoke  Standardization
 VSM  QFD  Pugh Matrix  Brainstorming
 Robust Design  Taguchi Method  Reliability  IFR
 Change Agents  Kano Model  Fault Tree  5 W and H
 ARIZ  NPD  S Curve
Change Product People Program/Project
 DICE Framework Product/Market Grid  X,Y,Z TheoryPMM
 Change Equation  Conjoint Analysis IC RatingIPMA Model
 Force Field Analysis  Life Cycle  Johari Window  PMBOK (PMI)
 Change Approach  Situational Leadership Corporate reputation  Gantt Chart
 Change Phases Forgot borrow learn Performance Management  OPM3
Changing organization culture  Mind Mapping Value Framework  Prince2
 SWOT  Disruptive Innovation Leadership continuum  SMART
Positive Deviance model Innovation Adoptive Curve  Equity Theory  RACI
 Six Thinking Hat  Stage Gate Model  2 factor theory  Stake Holder Analysis
Management- Theories and Models
 Attributes of Excellence  GE/MC Matrix Strategy Risk management3 dimensional Business
 3PL Strategic Trust and Targets  Strategic Triangle Value Based Management
 Rule of three Strategic Alliance  BCG MatrixValue Reporting Framework
 14 management points Parenting Advantage Strategy Dynamics POSD
 Chaos Theory  ZBB  Ten schools  Three Levels Of Culture
Performance Prism  Value Chain (Porter) Centralization Value Discipline
 7 S Framework Acquisition Integration Approach Outsourcing Value Mapping
 Management by Objective  Blue Ocean Strategy Value Reporting  Resource Based view
Bricks and Cricks Co-optition  ADL Matrix  Game Theory
Dialectical enquiry  Dimension of Culture  DOCSA  Level 5 Leadership
 Miles and Snow  Five P's  Marketing Mix  Platform Leadership
 Oligopoly  Industry Shakeout  Globalization  Generic Strategy
 Decision Making  Competitive Advantage  Anti Take Over Strategy  Core Competence

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