Six Thinking Hats: De Bono
Early in the 1980s Dr. de Bono invented the Six Thinking Hats method. The method is a framework for thinking and can incorporate lateral thinking. Valuable judgmental thinking has its place in the system but is not allowed to dominate as in normal thinking. Dr. de Bono organized a network of authorized trainers to introduce the Six Thinking Hats.

The six hats represent six modes of thinking and are directions to think rather than labels for thinking. That is, the hats are used proactively rather than reactively.

The White Hat
The White Hat is cold, neutral, and objective. Take time to look at the facts and figures.
The Red Hat
The Red Hat represents anger (seeing red). Take time to listen to your emotions, your intuition.
The Black Hat
The Black Hat is gloomy and negative. Take time to look at why this will fail.
The Yellow Hat
The Yellow Hat is sunny and positive. Take time to be hopeful and optimistic.
The Green Hat
The Green Hat is grass, fertile and growing. Take time to be creative and cultivate new ideas.
The Blue Hat
The Blue Hat is the color of the sky, high above us all. Take time to look from a higher and wider perspective to see whether you are addressing the right issue.

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