Pugh Analysis
This is a method for concept selection using a scoring matrix called the Pugh Matrix. It is implemented by establishing an evaluation team, and setting up a matrix of evaluation criteria versus alternative embodiments.This is the scoring matrix usually associated with the QFD method and is a form of prioritization matrix. Usually, the options are scored relative to criteria using a symbolic approach (one symbol for better than, another for neutral, and another for worse than baseline). These get converted into scores and combined in the matrix to yield scores for each option.

The Pugh matrix encourages comparison of several different concepts against a base concept, creating stronger concepts and eliminating weaker ones until an optimal concept finally is reached. Also, the Pugh matrix is useful because it does not require a great amount of quantitative data on the design concepts, which generally is not available at this point in the process.

Comparison of the scores generated gives insight into the best alternatives.

Steps to Use/Construct Pugh matrix:
1. Choose or develop the criteria for comparison. Examine customer requirements to do this.And, Generate a set of engineering requirements and targets.

2. Select the Alternatives to be compared.The alternatives are the different ideas developed during concept generation.All concepts should be compared at the same level of generalization and in similar language.

3. Generate Scores. Usually designers will have a favorite design, by the time it comes to pick one. This concept can be used as datum, with all the other being compared to it as measured by each of the customer requirement.If the problem is to redesign an existing product, then the existing product can be used as the datum. For each comparison the product should be evaluated as being better (+), the same (S), or worse (-).

4. Compute the total score Compute the total scope. A number of variations on scoring Pugh's method exist

Example of Laptop

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