Control Plan
Control plans provide a written summary description of the systems used in minimizing process and product variation. The intent of the Control Plan form displayed in this section is to provide an example of how this information can be documented.The control plan is an integral part of an overall quality process and is to be utilized as a living document. A Control Plan is a written description of the system for controlling parts and processes. A single Control Plan may apply to a group or family of products that are produced by the same process at the same source. Sketches, as necessary, may be attached to the Control Plan for illustration purposes.
Control Format



Process Step

From the Process Map, FMEA, C & E

High risk , critical steps only

What's controlled?

Name of input or output

Input or output? -Specify

Initially , the plan may have more controls n outputs than inputs

Goals is for input control, not output monitoring

Spec. Limits/ Requirements

List the targets and tolerances for each critical input or output

Meas. Method.

What process or machine makes the measurement?

Control method

What method is used for control? SPC? Automation? Error proofing?

Sample Size

Select sample size on measurement system and process capabilities

Sample Freq.

Select frequency based on measurement system and process capabilities and operation requirement

Who/what Measures?

Who or what is responsible to ensure the data is taken?

Where Recorded

Where does the data reside? Databases, charts, both?

Decision/Rule/Corrective action

What happens when the process is out of control? Who takes the action?


What documentation governs this control process?

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