IFR - Ideal Final Result
IFR is the solution we would like to see in our dreams, carried out by fantastic creatures or means (magic wand). For example, a road that exists only where it touches the wheels of transport vehicles.

The ideal process is the achievement of results without a process, that is, instantaneously. Shortening the process of preparing a product is the goal of any progressive technology.The ideal solution, of course, is almost impossible to achieve. IFR is the standard for which we should strive. It is the closeness of the received solution to the IFR that determines the quality of the solution.By comparing the real solution with the IFR, we determine contradictions. In this manner the IFR is an instrument, necessary for the exposure of contradictions and for the evaluation of the quality of the solution. Consequently, IFR serves as a kind of "guiding star" for the solution of technological systems.

The ‘S’ shaped product life-cycle curve is well known.S curve is also well known that most products die out because they become overtaken by new ones that serve the users’ needs better.This new product then goes through a similar life cycle until overtaken by another. Life is a series of S curves. In other words, Technological evolution trends are highly predictable and not due to random events.It is slowly trying to become ‘ideal’.

    Ideality = sum of useful effects/sum of harmful effects

The obvious way is to start at the end and work backwards. But there is a tendency of people and organisations to try to solve problems by starting at the present situation rather than their IFR.

Here are examples of the quality of “idealness:”

Example 1. "Automobile seat belts must be changed periodically. The concern has been expressed that the material may weaken. Belts have been invented that show by their appearance when they need changing."

Example 2. "A layer of colored paint is applied to the tread of a protector and the number of kilometers traveled by the automobile before attrition of the applied layer is recorded. This method for evaluating the wearability of the tire is simple and useful during testing of the longevity of new types and constructions. This method can be used during the inspection of tires for their replacement.

Example 3. Window glass needs cleaning. To undertake this operation on high, large shop windows is somewhat labor-intensive. If the shops are "glazed" with lavsan film, then during a gust of light wind the film itself clears dust from the window. This film is transparent, light, and unharmed by hydroflouric acid fumes. For the "glazing" of windows with this type of film lightened frames can be used.

Example 4. The contact between surfaces made of steel leads to their wear, therefore points of contact are lubricated.Polish specialists claim that any steel becomes self-lubricating (IFR), without loosing its best mechanical qualities when 0,3% lead is added to it. It is possible to increase cutting speed and extend the useful life of instruments.

Example 5. In order for the nut in bolt connections not to work itself free during use, a second (counter) nut should be screwed onto the bolt.The ideal in the given situation would be a "nut that fastens (locks) itself." Now more than a few different varieties of self-locking nuts already exist

Example 6. Cloths wash itself without use of any machine.

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