Deming Prize
The Deming Prize is Japan’s national quality award for industry. It was established in 1951 by the Japanese Union of Scientists and engineers (JUSE) and it was named after W. Edwards Deming. He brought statistical quality control methodology to Japan after W.W.II. The Deming Prize is the world’s oldest and most prestigious of such awards. Its principles are a national competition to seek out and commend those organizations making the greatest strides each year in quality, or more specifically, TQC. The prize has three award categories. They are Individual person, the Deming Application Prizes, and the Quality Control Award for factory. The Deming Application prizes are awarded to private or public organizations and are subdivided into small enterprises, divisions of large corporations, and overseas companies.
Baldrige Award and Deming Prize


Baldrige Award

Deming Prize

Definition of Quality

“customer-driven quality” it views quality as defined by the customer

“conformance to specifications” it views quality as defined by the producers

Primary Focus

customer satisfaction and quality

statistical quality control

Overall Approach

quality of management

management of quality


promote competitiveness through total quality management

promote quality assurance through statistical techniques

Types of Organization

manufacturing, service and small business

essentially private or public manufacturing


60% result, 40% process

60% process, 40% results

Scoring Weight

different weight for each criteria

equal weight in 10 criteria


less concern

concern in productivity, delivery, safety, and environment

Information Management

heavily concern

less concern

Continuous of the award


Japan Quality Control Medal


Maximum of two per category

All firms meeting standard


U.S. firms only

Firms for any country


$2500 and 75 pages packet

1000 pages and one year working with consultant from the union of Japanese Scientist  & Engineers

Grading time

six months

one year

First Award




National Institutes Standards and Technology

Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers

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