OPM3-Organizational Project Management Maturity Model

OPM3 will help organizations in reexamining their pursuit of strategic objectives via Best Practices in organizational project management. It has documented substantial number of generally accepted and provenpractices in project management and provides means to assess anorganization’s capability with respect to best practices. An assessment with this model can be used in making decisions with regard to planning and implementing improvements towards organizational maturity.The concept of Organizational Project Management (on which the OPM3 model is based) is itself new and this paper will serve as anintroduction to the subject. This paper will also explain on how to use the model and benefits that organizations can derive by using it.


OPM3 offers the key to organizational project management with three interlocking elements:

• Knowledge - Learn about hundreds of project management best practices

• Assessment - Evaluate your current project management capabilities and identify areas in need of improvement.

• Improvement - Use your completed assessment to map out the steps needed to achieve your improvement goals.


The categories of OPM3 Organizational Enablers include:

Organizational Project Management Policy and Vision

Strategic Alignment

Resource Allocation

Management Systems


Organizational Structures

Competency Management

Individual Performance Appraisals

Project Management Training

Organizational Project Management Communities

Organizational Project Management Practices

Organizational Project Management Methodology

Organizational Project Management Techniques

Project Management Metrics

Project Success Criteria


Knowledge Management and PMIS

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