Cultural Profiling utilising DOCSA TM

DOCSATM stands for Developing Organisational Culture For Strategic Advantage. Many organisations fail to achieve a true customer focus because the business culture, developed and reinforced over many years, actually acts as a barrier to communication with, and understanding of, customers. DOCSA is a proven tool for developing a profile of an organisation's culture. It can be used to profile cultures of whole organisations, levels of management, business units.

A high-level DOCSATM profile of a pioneering organisation might look like:

A DOCSA™ profile of the organisation can highlight potential hot spots and help senior managers monitor the organisation's ability to change. Using DOCSATM, management can design a preferred profile for the enterprise and design action plans to realise the new profile.

We can demonstrate the links between an organisation's culture and its customers' satisfaction with its services. A powerful element of the process is to ask customers to create a profile.

The benefits to Management from using a tool like DOCSA™:

• Demonstrates understanding that there is an issue

• Provides evidence of cultural impact

• Creates a common cultural language

• Makes soft issues tangible

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