Social Quality
Framework and Systems
 Governance  Religions  Gender Bias  Racism
 Language  Urbanization  Literacy  
Social Fats
 Corruption  Pollution  Terrorism  Child Labour
 Drug Abuse  Poverty  Unemployment Unplanned urbanization
 TraffickingWar Crimes  Cyber Crimes  Climate Change
Change Agents/Movements
 NGO  Go Green  InstitutionsProfessionals
Clean Energy
 Solar  Wind  Tidal  Shale GasHydro/Biomass
Social quality quadrangle
 Socio-economic security  Social cohesion  Social inclusion  Social empowerment
Emerging Technology
 Bio Artificial Organs  Bionics  Regeneration  Diagnostic Technologies
 Liquid Battery  TWR  Paper Diagnostics  Biological machines
 $100 genome  Racetrack memory  HashCache  Intelligent Software
 SDN  Nanopiezotronics
Terms, Theories and Models
 Terms A  Terms BC  Terms DH  Terms IR
 Terms SZ Social Cultural Dimesion  MSPStake Holder
 Diamond Model  Five force model Industry Life Cycle  Social Capital
Krazalic Model Trajectory of Industrial Change  Network EconomyBases Of Social Power
 Bottom of the phyramid  Gestalt theory GroupThinking  PEST Analysis
Attributes of excellance
Fundamental RightsEquality and SolidaritySubsidiarityMainstreaming
Stakeholder Approach and CitizenshipUser involvement Civil dialogueAvailability, affordability and adaptability of services
Social Cohesion nd InclusionEqual access to quality jobsDecent income for allEducation for all

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