It may be defined as the hatred of one person by another- or the belief that another person is less than a human - because of skin color, language, customs, place of birth or any factor that supposedly reveals the basic nature of that person.

Racism is a taught and/or a learned behavior. Personal or individual racism is motivated by a belief or assumption of superiority or inferiority based on skin color. The bottom line is: All leaders should focus their efforts and energy on training, mentoring, motivating, and inspiring all soldiers regardless of their race. Racism is wrong and has no place in today’s society.It means

  • Unfairly disadvantages some individuals and communities
  • Unfairly advantages other individuals and communities
  • Saps the strength of the whole society through the waste of human resources

    How do other people usually classify you in any country? Would you say: White ,Black or African-American ,Hispanic or Latino ,Asian ,Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander ,American Indian or Alaska Native ,Some other group

  • Types and levels
    PERSONAL/INDIVIDUAL - Prejudicial beliefs and discriminatory behavior of a bigot against an individual or group. Normally based on assumptions of superiority and inferiority.

    • Verbal abuse
    • Physical assault
    • Stalking and intimidation
    • Bullying of children
    • Attitudes of service providers and others
    • Discrimination in hiring
    • Exploitation in work situations (under payment, denial of overtime)

    INSTITUTIONAL- Policies, practices, actions & procedures of an organization that restrict the opportunities of an individual or group and violate statutory laws.

    • Lack of recourse for people suffering from racism
    • Adoption of policies that result in people exclusion
    • Bad treatment of service providers

    CULTURAL -Cultural racism involves the cultural values and standards that disadvantage people because of their race, color or ethnicity.

    Dr. Allport’s Levels of Intensity

    • Antilocution - bad mouthing
    • Avoidance - alienate, isolate
    • Discrimination - policies, practices
    • Physical Attack - assault, violence
    • Extermination - kill/destroy them all

    Dr. Terry’s Control Diamond

    • Power – The dominant group refuses to relinquish or share the power
    • Culture – Imposes culture of the dominant culture on another culture
    • Policies – Maintains closed, Unresponsive and inflexible policies , practices, and programs
    • Resources – No equitable distribution of resources.

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