$100 genome
Han Cao, founder of BioNanomatrix, has designed a nanofluidic chip that could dramatically lower the cost of genome analysis. Combined with the right sequencing technology, Nanofluidic devices are going to revolutionize biomedical research and medical treatment by lowering testing costs by orders of magnitude. These devices won't just make DNA sequencing cheap. They will make many types of biological testing very cheap, highly automated, and portable. We won't need to go to a doctor's office for most blood tests because blood testers with embedded microfluidic devices will let us test ourselves quickly and cheaply at home.

Cheap portable DNA sequencers will also lead to surreptitious DNA sequencing of people without their awareness. If the ailment is lung cancer, for instance, the doctor could determine the particular genetic changes in the tumor cells and order the chemo­therapy best suited to that variant.And as researchers learn more about the genetic variations implicated in different diseases, it might be possible to biopsy tissue and sequence only those genes with variants known to cause disease, says Colin Collins

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