Intelligent Software Assistant
Adam Cheyer, cofounder of Silicon Valley startup Siri, envisions a new way for people to interact with the services available on the Internet: a "do engine" rather than a search engine.Siri is working on virtual personal-assistant software, which would help users complete tasks rather than just collect information.It uses intelligent techniques and behavior studies to impress the users that a computer could be so "smart". The purpose of developing intelligent software assistant is to create an incredible experience that will help people be more efficient in their lives, in solving problems and the tasks.

The examples of what intelligent software assistant could do in current stage are help make reservations at restaurants, check flight status, or plan weekend activities.

While the software will be intelligent and useful, the company has no aspiration to make it seem human. “We think that we can create an incredible experience that will help you be more efficient in your life, in solving problems and the tasks that you do,” Cheyer says. But Siri is always going to be just a tool, not a rival to human intelligence: “We’re very practical minded.”

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