The periodic rise and fall of water level of sea which are carried by the action of the sun and moon on water of the earth is called “tide”. The large scale up and down movement of sea water represents an unlimited source of energy.

The main feature of the tidal cycle is the difference in water surface elevations at the high tide and at the low tide. If the differential head could be utilized in operating a hydraulic turbine, the tidal energy could be converted into electrical energy by means of an attached generator.

A Tidal power plant mainly consists of the following:
  • A barrage with gates and sluices
  • One or more basins
  • A power house
  • A barrage is a barrier constructed across the sea to create a basin for storing water. The barrage has to withstand the pressure exerted by the water head and also should resist the shock of the waves.

    A basin is the area where water is retained by the barrage. Low head reversible water turbine are installed in the barrage separating the sea from the basin.-

    During high tide, water will flow from sea to tidal basin through turbine, thus producing electricity. During low tide, water will flow from tidal basin to sea through turbine producing electricity.

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