Time Management
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Time Management
Avoid Time Wasters and Interruptions There will be times when you may find it difficult to implement your best plans or intentions. You may frequently find time-wastes and interruptions are the culprits. Therefore, safeguarding blocks of work time is essential. You need to protect your time by saying “no” to various interruptions, activities, requests or person. Interruptions are a two-fold problem; the interruption itself, and the expectation of further interruptions. Both reduce your effectiveness considerably. Even 10 minute blocks of time can be used constructively if you have pr-planned tasks that need that amount of time.

  • Some interruptions can be avoided by keeping in mid the following:
  • Arrange your work area so that your back is to the traffic flow
  • Close your door; open it selectively
  • Find and use a special space such as a “corner in a library” or an office where friends will be unable to find you
  • Return telephone calls when it is more convenient for you, perhaps when you take a study break, or simply unplugging your phone.

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