Level 1: Ice-Breaking
This is the first level of any relationship.It is the buidling block of any long term relationship. Team-building ice breakers are used to bring together individuals who are in the early stages of team building. This can help the people start working together more cohesively towards shared goals or plans.THERE'S AN OLD SAYING EVERY salesperson knows by heart: People buy from people they like, trust and respect. They especially buy from people with whom they are comfortable--people who make them feel at ease right from the start.If you want a relationship with any individual, you have to go through resitance of Ice-breaking.
Level 2: Sharing
In personal life, at this level , we start sharing information about our experince, past, relations, hobies, and environement. There are many ways today to do it like SMS, mobile, chat. In business, If you are like many people in today's information age, you share documents, collaborate on projects, exchange e-mails, and attend meetings.
Level 3: Co-Creation
This is third level of any relationship. We start working as a unit and start co-creating somthing new. In co-creation, we have to work on same agenda beyond our personal egos. Co-creation is also used to describe the process by which actors in improvisational theatre create scenes with each other where there is no script, but only a simple structure within which to work.In business, it could be a product from a team. In personal life, it could be a child.
Level 4: Synergy
The enhanced result of two or more people, groups or organizations working together. In other words, one and one equals three! It comes from the Greek "synergia," which means joint work and cooperative action. The word is used quite often to mean that combining forces produces a better product. So we can define synergy as The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects .

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