APQC Process Framework Cat-2

2.1 Manage product and service portfolio (10061)  

 2.1.1 Evaluate performance of existing products/services against market opportunities (10063)

 2.1.2 Define product/service development requirements (10064) Identify potential improvements to existing products and services (10068) Identify potential new products and services (10069)

 2.1.3 Perform discovery research (10065) Identify new technologies (10070) Develop new technologies (10071) Assess feasibility of integrating new leading technologies into product/service concepts (10072)

 2.1.4 Confirm alignment of product/service concepts with business strategy (10066) Plan and develop cost and quality targets (10073) Prioritize and select new product/service concepts (10074) Specify development timing targets (10075) Plan for product/service offering modifications (10076)

 2.1.5 Manage product and service life cycle (10067) Introduce new products/services (10077) Retire outdated products/services (10078) Identify and refine performance indicators (10079)

 2.1.6 Manage product and service master data (14192)

2.2 Develop products and services (10062)  

 2.2.1 Design, build, and evaluate products and services (10080) Assign resources to product/service project (10083) Prepare high-level business case and technical assessment (10084) Develop product/service design specifications (10085) Document design specifications (10086) Conduct mandatory and elective external reviews (legal, regulatory, standards, internal) (10087) Build prototypes (10088) Eliminate quality and reliability problems (10089) Conduct in-house product/service testing and evaluate feasibility (10090) Identify design/development performance indicators (10091) Collaborate on design with suppliers and contract manufacturers (10092)

 2.2.2 Test market for new or revised products and services (10081) Prepare detailed market study (10093) Conduct customer tests and interviews (10094) Finalize product/service characteristics and business cases (10095) Finalize technical requirements (10096) Identify requirements for changes to manufacturing/delivery processes (10097)

 2.2.3 Prepare for production (10082) Develop and test prototype production and/or service delivery process (10098) Design and obtain necessary materials and equipment (10099) Install and validate production process or methodology (10100)

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