APQC Process Framework
With dozens of different ways of referencing the functions and processes, measurement and benchmarking were impossible to do in a systematic fashion. APQC set out to solve this problem, and in collaboration with expert and practitioner panels introduced the Process Classification FrameworkSM (PCF) in 1992.

Today, the PCF is the world’s most widely used process framework and allows organizations to speak a common language about functions, processes, and activities independent of structure. Updated annually the PCF is organized into 12 distinct categories, including five categories of operating areas and seven of support areas. Each category contains groups of processes and activities that, when considered as a whole, represent the operations of an organization.

Category 1.0 Develop Vision and Strategy
Category 2.0 Develop and Manage Products and Services
Category 3.0 Market and Sell Products and Services
Category 4.0 Deliver Products and Services
Category 5.0 Manage Customer Service
Category 6.0 Develop and Manage Human Capital
Category 7.0 Manage Information Technology
Category 8.0 Manage Financial Resources
Category 9.0 Acquire, Construct, and Manage Property
Category 10.0 Manage Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)
Category 11.0 Manage External Relationships
Category 12.0 Manage Knowledge, Improvement, and Change

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