Data Security - Does it matter ?


I had a mix view earlier. Now I am realizing its a big threat. Facebook recent data sharing to political parties and targeted attack in favour about one party or candidate. It is non ethical and condemable act.

Future Ideas – Legal mess


Justice is becoming illusion in modern society. Laws are outdated. Courts are full cases. Hardly any case get time. Enforcement agencies like Police, tax officials, traffic constables are busy in making money.

Nomiation asked for top 100 teachers and Gurus


Nomination asked for teachers or gurus for recognizing their efforts and contribution You can nominate on this link

Nominate here


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Corporate Quality Innovation and training


Love Triangles


Hindi cinema loves love-triangle. Love is complex. It becomes more so, if it is in a triangle. By triangular love story, I mean, one person is being seduce by two lovers at a time. Common sense says that way he /she/object will get two times love/gifts/ or benefits. But effect is opposite. He/she becomes biggest loser in end. Let's take some example.


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