Why connection is so important?


We meet so many faces every day, do we really connect? Every relation/bond has bundle of emotions, haziness, doubts, and differences. Difference of opinion is ok but what matter is lack of trust. 100% trust is ideal or expected even in closest relations. That is only possible with people who live whole-heartedly. Haziness in bonds happens because of two reasons, one is shame and other is fear.

Bell curve –A Talent killer


Review time is nearby. Companies will fit their employees in a curve and will brand them performers and non-performers. And afterwards, work equations will change. Excellent will celebrate and some will slow down too as objective has been met. Angry birds will protest and will look out for better options. Emotional dynamics of teams will change. Some known and some unknown bias will come out.

Ruchir Sharma On 10 Big 2017 Trends Including The Death Of Outsourcing


By many accounts, the election of a former reality TV star as leader of the free world has made its future more unreal, and more difficult to forecast. But Donald Trump is just a striking reminder of a basic forecasting rule: expect the unexpected. Here are 10 trends to watch in 2017, with an eye to the unexpected.

Scientists spot two hidden 'monster' black holes


Washington,, Jan 9 (IANS) Using data from NASA's NuSTAR (Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array), a team of researchers has detected two hidden gas-enshrouded supermassive black holes located at the centres of nearby galaxies.

Monster black holes sometimes lurk behind gas and dust, hiding from the gaze of most telescopes.