From Up-start to Start-up: Lessons from a serial entrepreneur


A few months after I started — my first startup(in 1998), I got an offer to sell it. I called up my lawyer for advice. He sounded excited and said, "Alok, sell your business and buy yourself a new car." Thankfully, I did not follow his advice and have the honour of writing this column for you.


New Rabbit Tortoise Story


Modified version for management purpose..

Managing Younger Boss


Age of the boss is decreasing now comparatively to subordinates. It is difficult to report to less competent and less experince boss. Main disadvantage is you dont get anything to learn. First teach him and then follow his directions. Corporates have pressure to show young and vibrant leadership at the top who should look smarter and have great communication skill.

Multiple degrees and their use


I have taken many degrees in search on career enhancement. Is it really required?

1. Add skills
2. Give wide prospectives
3. Helps in job search

1. Waste of time , if not used properly
2. Add additional fat/ ego
3. Sometimes add rigidity

Are You A Star Performer?


Star performers may be CEOs or politicians or even clerics; they may live in a forest or a city or a jungle. But they all share certain traits.


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