Power and Loyalties:


Both are linked. Countries are best example. North Korea is showcase of loyalties. People showed emotions on road when their leader died. Power is well centralised and in one hand. Similar is example of other dictator based systems. On other hand, countries like Pakistan are facing disintegration risk as no single man can claim that he has power.

Work Life Imbalance


‘News came from company email that employee aged 32 expired because of heart attack. It is shocking at such young age, people are falling to stress. Competition has increased in all facet of life. Managing competition at work and health front is tough job. Growth is not coming easily in global slowdown. Systems are overtaking human excellence.

We're so well educated – but we're useless


Students have lost the ability to do anything practical. The only thing we've mastered is consumption

Record numbers of students have entered higher education in the past 10 years, but despite being the most educated generation in history, it seems that we've grown increasingly ignorant when it comes to basic life skills.

UPSC: More weight to general studies, aptitude skills


NEW DELHI: Ushering a major change in the country's premier civil services examination, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) on Tuesday notified the test for this year giving more weight to general studies and aptitude skills.


Productivity in services:


Measuring productivity is difficult task in service business. Many challenges are there like

1. Variety in services: Many services delivered take different lead times. Complexity and skill requirement changes in bill processing of crude oil ( of large amount) and tissue paper (of small value). Stakes are different. Many managers calculate based on invoice count per person.


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