HR mantra- money talk distracts both employee and employer


Now increments are happening in organization. HR is keeping it confidential. After two months time, I will get surprise or shock In Indian organizations it is typical scene. Employees are seeing curiously to HR leads for some hints. They also do not know what is planned at this stage. One stupid idea is fitting people in normal distribution curve.

Matthieu Ricard: The habits of happiness


Right Tool and Methodology


Companies who have adopted six-sigma have died like Motorola. This is famous resistance from non six-sigma managers. I believe noting is wrong in methodology, just implementation may be wrong. Many times discussion has happened on why six sigma doesn’t work. Still I want to list down reasons again.


Leader vs Change Agent


I believe it is easy to be leader but difficult to be a change agent. Leader can work on vision and alignment of people to that goal. Having end to end visibility, skill to identify gap and willingness to change is needed to drive change. Many leaders wish changes will happen. However, nothing changes on ground. Obama is best example.

Power and Loyalties:


Both are linked. Countries are best example. North Korea is showcase of loyalties. People showed emotions on road when their leader died. Power is well centralised and in one hand. Similar is example of other dictator based systems. On other hand, countries like Pakistan are facing disintegration risk as no single man can claim that he has power.


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