Taxation could be a career option


Taxation experts are in scarcity. Understanding details of service tax, excise, income tax, or VAT are not easy. These laws are dynamic and create direct money. Optimization of taxes may be beneficial to any company in big way. Smart use of loopholes in tax laws may boost your career ladder. Progression happens easily and we find very few experts in this field.


Education of lust and guilt


It is very important to understand spectrum of emotions. Many crimes happens in state of extreme emotions. Lust and guilt are main emotions promotes people to take extreme steps. Lust may be for sex , anger, or revenge. We saw in Delhi rape case. First crime was example of lust and could be avoided. Lust can be chennalised by education. Education has power.


HR mantra- money talk distracts both employee and employer


Now increments are happening in organization. HR is keeping it confidential. After two months time, I will get surprise or shock In Indian organizations it is typical scene. Employees are seeing curiously to HR leads for some hints. They also do not know what is planned at this stage. One stupid idea is fitting people in normal distribution curve.