Abrupt change in career


My friend lost his job yesterday. He was not expecting it. He does not know what to do. Liability is high and so monthly expenses. Inflation has impacted us all. Life has achieve certain level of standard . High salary is big resistance for change. No idea what to do , i want to help him.

Change Management


A beautiful video explains how change is difficult but important excise..

CERN: The Standard Model Of Particle Physics

Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums


No exam - Means Poor quality ?


No exam till class 5 will create poor quality students. Question has been raised whether we should have exam or not. No doubt, exams create stress. But no exam barrier means no study to many students. During this age , it is easier to mold a student. I know one teacher who was complaining that students are not studying at all and threatening teacher who can;t fail them.



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