Changes in education system


Schools are changing. Gadgets are getting used more than books. Interactive learning is overtaking classroom training. Information is easily available to kids on internet. I-pads and I-phones are easily available and information is also accessible. Converting information for productive use is most difficult task.

Managing Emotions in Transition


Transition is about people engagement. Solutioning and transitioning process in shared service needs emotional alignment. People are very curious while any centralization or decentralization activity. Answering their questions about future needs skill. Changes are always difficult. People feel fearful when pulled out of their comfort zone. It is more if locational changes are involved.

Dividing the Org


Currently organizations are working on UJR (Unique job role) concept which divides organization in 3-4 layers of strategy, lead, manager, and member. Employees are curious to their category as pay band is linked to these UJRs. It is interesting concept developed by modern age consultants. Many employees are not happy on putting different categories on them.