Artificial Intelligence – Next Generation work


Man has limitation of memory. It has to fit in finite skull, it needs sleep, and it has emotions. Artificial intelligence does not have anything. For any problem, it can give and explore more solution than any human being. Computer size is shrinking. Quantum computer will multiply the memory calculations. It is possible in future that machine will overtake human intelligence.

Karma and Result….


It is big debate of human race. Karma is input and result is output. Ideally, both should go linear. Every efforts should give equivalent result. In real world, it does not happen that way. That will lead to frustration. Linearity is link to just your skills. Hours you put in one skill, it will defiantly refine your skill to next level. It won’t guarantee worldly success.

What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?


Solar flares: Our sleeping sun has erupted with seven flares in seven days


Our sun has sent forth seven flares in seven days. One is headed our way.

One, unleashed last week, was the solar equivalent of Hurricane Irma - a monster X9.3 storm. Even though it only struck Earth a glancing blow, this was enough to disrupt some radio communications.

FRBs: Repeating Radio Signals Coming from Distant Galaxy Detected by Astronomers


Repeating radio signals from a mysterious source in a dwarf galaxy 3 billion light-years away have been detected by astronomers.


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