Silent transformation


World is always being ruled by power. Silent transformation is happening in this POWER equation. Till now, power has been in men’s hands. Nature has built them physically stronger and all social equations have been dictated by this tool till now. Now in current scenario, social and technological changes have made physical strength meaningless.

You are being manipulated


We are in middle of technology war. New business model is evolving. Capitalism is ready to get into your brain to control your choices, your time and your consciousness. We are eating data unconsciously. It is being manipulated and feeded by WhatsApp, Facebook, or twitter.

Slow retirement – Idea HR should explore.


In India, HR has stuck in two way of working. All companies want its employee to give minimum 45 hours in office or person should retire at 58. It is legality. On other hand, demand is increasing for flexihours or flexi age. Some HR preaches working from anywhere or anytime and still not willing to give up 45 hours per week commitment in office.

AAVARTI: The Consciousness


Everything around us is moving. We are linked to larger universe. Neurons directs our body to move. Consciousness is outcome of space time fabric interplay with our mind. We are a toy in hand of nature. Sun and Planet's movement around us dictate our emotions. We emote and react to the events.

EGO Branding


In Turkey, wearing veil was a culture. A reformer came and gave dictate that it is mandatory for prostitute to wear veil. This small step changed the whole country. Other women left wearing it. By linking a religious ego satisfying product to a lower standard, he killed a habit.


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