Physicists create new form of light


Try a quick experiment: Take two flashlights into a dark room and shine them so that their light beams cross. Notice anything peculiar? The rather anticlimactic answer is, probably not. That's because the individual photons that make up light do not interact. Instead, they simply pass each other by, like indifferent spirits in the night.

Close door gods:


I was passing through a Parsi temple in south Mumbai. In that temple only Parsi is allowed. That is exclusion. Hindu pandits did same mistake many years ago. Temples were closed to dalits. Later many dalits had converted to Islam or Christianity. Dalits were lower castes or untouchable. They were not allowed to touch precious god or his disciples, the pundits.

Skill development in AI world


Learning is life long process. We develop skills as we grow. Memory based learning is dead after google. Artificial Intelligence can memorise whole book for you for your reference. Formal school education will be changed forever. Now education is mainly job based. Wherever universities see jobs, they train people. And people too bounded by economic and social constraint follow the trend.

Middle class disappearing


Arun jaitley presented his budget in India. He raised concern about low tax bandwidth. Is it such a difficult problem to bring people in tax net ? There is huge pressure to catch businessman. But lack intention. Any tax leak leads to powerful politician. Tax man is helpless too. My point is here limited to working class who have no choice but to pay tax.

Indian Men- EGO cycle


Indian men are angry, lonely, and egoistic. Many of them are on road for Rajput’s ego, Dalit’s ego, religious ego, family respect or nationalism. They own all egos. Filmmakers too sell same thing. Padmavat is show of Rajput EGO and Karni Sena too fighting for that EGO.


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