Nature is great healer


I am sitting in Mumbai. Rain is pleasent. Weather is so kind . It seems rain god enjoying each bit of season. Music is healing now. I can hear each rain drop hitting on wall. Cool air touching my body. It is so amazing. Life is so precious. We forget to live in race. Meditation music is filling room and my mind in deep relaxation.

Science and its need


Only science can help people. It can only push humanity to next level. Efforts in science need to be push ahead. We need cut throat technology to push humanity ahead. We are on verge of transition. Human race will move  ahead along with machines. Till now we had partnership  with animals. Now we have machines to push ahead. Artificial intelligence will add fire to our efforts. 

Rising Stress and Lack of meditation


We were stressed earlier. Now mobile has induced more stress. Electromagnetic waves moving around us have made us impatient. Control over the brain has gone. Sleepless nights are killing us. We are basically pleasure seeker and pain ignorer. This run for pleasure is making our mind restless. Pleasure content or food are killing us now.

Consciousness, Stress- People


Stress level is increasing exponentially. We are living under expectation load. Life is competitive and we all want maximum. God has given us only two constant things - Conciseness and Time. It is upto you how you waste thoughts and time. As our age grows, bad thoughts or waste thoughts take over our mind.

Management – Indian Idol style..


This is new kind of management is evolving in private companies. Indian Idol is a singing competition or a reality show. Every year , many talented participants try their luck to become India’s top singing sensation. They try hard to be the best in India. Judges gives them various challenges. They have to perform in all forms or kind of songs.


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