Consciousness and Physics


Consciousness is a puzzling or touchy subject. It is emotional for some. We hardly question our religious belief about “Consciousness”. Every religion has simple solution for it. “AATMA” is a god given part and after death, it merges with GOD. We get allocation of Heaven or Hell based on our karma.

Why hate in increasing ?


I read a book “who moved my cheese”. It is a tiny book which can unlock your emotional complexity. We all want cheese (fun, comfort, luxury). We want comfort zones where we can build a happy dreamy world. We are GOD there. We have created it. It will have career, love, or family of OUR choice. Cheese is piece of that dream. It is a share of heaven.

Diwali , Laxmi and Physics


This Diwali is especial. Man never observed 630 earth mass of gold being sprayed in sky along with other metals like silver , platinum or uranium. Many of us in India can’t celebrate it as we really don’t know it. Laxmi was smiling in sky. It was a crash of two neutron stars.

Our choices make us.


One day I was angry. I stormed into my boss room and started discussing my career. Old man gave it a serious listening. I told him that I was doing much lower job than my qualification/skill. Old man in end said” you are describing me your own choices and their results”. I had no word to say. I gave it thought and he was right.

Cleanliness – tribute to Gandhi :


October 2 is Gandhi Jyanti in India. Gandhi Ji was a minimalist in true terms. Less cloths, less designations, and no violence. He achieved his objective on Independence of India through less pain and more dialogue. . Indians have forgiven bapu’s teachings. It was beyond non –violence. It was about living close to nature and being a minimalist.


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