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Love Triangles


Hindi cinema loves love-triangle. Love is complex. It becomes more so, if it is in a triangle. By triangular love story, I mean, one person is being seduce by two lovers at a time. Common sense says that way he /she/object will get two times love/gifts/ or benefits. But effect is opposite. He/she becomes biggest loser in end. Let's take some example.

Future Ideas – Block chain simplified


Trust is precious. All trust pillars like banks, government, or temples charge huge money for every transaction. It is also manual, isolated and vulnerable to hacking. Let’s take two simple examples – Flat sale between two people needs lease deed documents and whole day of government harassment.

What is your team stage. ??


No single human can achieve big. We need teams with people of different ideas and skills.

Teams are key of success. A well defined coherent team can achieve big goals. Any organization , big or small, needs small teams with similar objectives. These teams must be aligned to organization’s bigger role.


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