Skill development - continuous journey


We are here to learn. Guru has important position in our life. They guide us. They mentor us. Mold us. It is easy to make baby. It is difficult to make it responsible man. We all are facing experience issue, pre conceived notions, hard feeling and hurts.

This 37-year-old former school teacher is India’s newest billionaire


India’s newest billionaire is a former classroom teacher who developed an education app that’s grown to a valuation of almost $6 billion in about seven years.

Rahul Dravid’s 5-point wishlist to make sports available for every Indian


I have grown up in an environment where the dominant narrative of Indian sporting achievement was—We can’t. These achievers have fought hard, built on each other’s body of work and knowledge, and have today changed the script to—We can. Working with the next generation of these achievers, I am constantly amazed to see the long way we have come. The prevailing belief is—We can and we will.

4 Things Need To Urgently Fix In India's Education System


The Draft New Education Policy 2018 (DNEP) is a grandiose document that covers a student's entire life span from pre-schooling to the PhD degree in about 500 pages. Here, we look at what has been proposed in relation to school education.

Nature is great healer


I am sitting in Mumbai. Rain is pleasent. Weather is so kind . It seems rain god enjoying each bit of season. Music is healing now. I can hear each rain drop hitting on wall. Cool air touching my body. It is so amazing. Life is so precious. We forget to live in race. Meditation music is filling room and my mind in deep relaxation.


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