Scientists Just Found The Oldest Known Black Hole, And It's A Monster


Eduardo Banados had three nights to spot something that might not even exist: a supermassive black hole close to the beginning of time.

At the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile, perched high atop a mountain in the world's driest desert, he scanned for the signature of a massive, invisible sinkhole in the sky slurping up a whirlpool of brilliant, hot matter.

Equality or illusion:


Justice is always an illusion. There is no concept called “Equal division”. People or organizations are on roads, questioning or demanding gender equality, pay equality, religious equality, or money equality. There may be 100 odd Ted videos on equality topic.

Skill vs attitude..


Is skill more important or Attitude? Both have their own significance.

Consciousness and Physics


Consciousness is a puzzling or touchy subject. It is emotional for some. We hardly question our religious belief about “Consciousness”. Every religion has simple solution for it. “AATMA” is a god given part and after death, it merges with GOD. We get allocation of Heaven or Hell based on our karma.

Why hate in increasing ?


I read a book “who moved my cheese”. It is a tiny book which can unlock your emotional complexity. We all want cheese (fun, comfort, luxury). We want comfort zones where we can build a happy dreamy world. We are GOD there. We have created it. It will have career, love, or family of OUR choice. Cheese is piece of that dream. It is a share of heaven.


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