Productivity Hacks


Life is getting very fast nowadays. Making it productive is a challenge. Everything needs consistent focus. Disruptions in time and focus are common. Mail, unwanted phone call, or social media alerts are common disrupter. Focus span is reducing for individuals. In world of multitasking, we do complete normal routine work. But excellence demand a passion.

HR function Audit


HR professionals are human engineers. They are supposed to be expert in people motivation, fear and engagement. Their policies must be aligned to organization need and goals. Based on specific organization culture or politics, they mould their policies.

Why perception matters ??


We all saw Smith and Warner cried in press conference. Crime was violation of ethics. These Australian cricketers had violated their perception to win game by right ethics. It sounds strange the anger among Australia for their act. Not every Australian lives on values and ethics. Is it just Smith and Warner’s responsibility to protect country’s image.

Data Security - Does it matter ?


I had a mix view earlier. Now I am realizing its a big threat. Facebook recent data sharing to political parties and targeted attack in favour about one party or candidate. It is non ethical and condemable act.

Future Ideas – Legal mess


Justice is becoming illusion in modern society. Laws are outdated. Courts are full cases. Hardly any case get time. Enforcement agencies like Police, tax officials, traffic constables are busy in making money.


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