AAVARTI: The Consciousness


Everything around us is moving. We are linked to larger universe. Neurons directs our body to move. Consciousness is outcome of space time fabric interplay with our mind. We are a toy in hand of nature. Sun and Planet's movement around us dictate our emotions. We emote and react to the events.

EGO Branding


In Turkey, wearing veil was a culture. A reformer came and gave dictate that it is mandatory for prostitute to wear veil. This small step changed the whole country. Other women left wearing it. By linking a religious ego satisfying product to a lower standard, he killed a habit.

Building Trust


I came across an interesting TED video on building trust by the Harvard business school professor Frances Frei. It gives new prospective in eroding value of society “Trust”. Trust has three pillars and if anyone gets shaky, we lose trust.

Three pillars are empathy, logic, and authenticity. Let’s discuss one by one.

Diversity and Inclusion


As per Vedic mythology, a woman used to have crucial role. In both Ramayana and Mahabharata , they contributed lot by active participation and decision making. It is only in Vedic culture that a woman can be a god e.g. Durga, Kali, Laxmi, or Saraswati. We pray lord Shiva as ardhnarishwar (half female). This is our spiritual behaviour. Our social behaviour has been dictated by social rules.

India and Feminism


Society is going through an intense battle. It is battle of equality or supremacy of a gender. This battle is being fought at every family unit. Feminism is a fast evolving concept. In India, girls are proving themselves in fields like competitive exam or sports. It is where competition is fair.


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