Hit hard by demonetisation, Foxconn puts a fourth of its India workers on bench


NEW DELHI: Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer and poster boy of the government’s Make in India project, has asked nearly a fourth of its 8,000 factory workers to go on paid leave for two weeks after last month’s demonetisation of high value notes sparked a severe cash crunch that saw sales slump almost 50%, forcing the company to slash production by half.

The 20-lakh queue


MORE than 20 lakh applications for around 20,000 posts. At 100 people for every post, jobs with Uttar Pradesh’s civic bodies could qualify as among the most coveted in the country.

This New Equation Promises to Unify Physics Theories with the Help of Wormholes


As far as famous equations go, none are more known than Einstein’s E=mc2. This insight by Einstein that relates mass and energy has been linked to the creation of a new kind of physics and the birth of the atomic age.

Top 50 Twitter accounts for Indian Managers -2016








Speed of light


Although Galileo was the first person of record to try to determine the speed of light, he was not successful. His experiments took place over terrestrial distances and the timing methods available to him were far to crude to make a successful determination given such distances and the very great speed of light.


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