Career lessons from 3 Khans


3 khans have been ruling Bollywood for past many years. Despite in their 50’s they are doing great in very competitive field. Every day , new face comes in Bollywood but replacing them is nearly impossible till now. This is not luck. This is hard work, branding, sweat, and well thought strategy. They know their audience well and deliver consistently year after year.

Power shift: Killing families and corporates


Be it Infosys or Tata , change of guards is never easy. Even people like Ratan tata or Narayana Murthy feel emotional pressure. They don't want to give free hand to next generation. With age possessiveness increases and capability decreases. Smooth transition is rare. Leg pulling starts in family / corporate. Emotionalism takes over logic. People fight for small -2 things.

Corruption is a necessary evil


Corruption is outcome of hunger. Corruption is outcome of hunger of look respected, big and powerful in society. Politicians helps businessman for assets or market shares. Media men helps their friend to win votes. So corruption is helping friends in acquisition of assets.

Why connection is so important?


We meet so many faces every day, do we really connect? Every relation/bond has bundle of emotions, haziness, doubts, and differences. Difference of opinion is ok but what matter is lack of trust. 100% trust is ideal or expected even in closest relations. That is only possible with people who live whole-heartedly. Haziness in bonds happens because of two reasons, one is shame and other is fear.

Bell curve –A Talent killer


Review time is nearby. Companies will fit their employees in a curve and will brand them performers and non-performers. And afterwards, work equations will change. Excellent will celebrate and some will slow down too as objective has been met. Angry birds will protest and will look out for better options. Emotional dynamics of teams will change. Some known and some unknown bias will come out.


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