Multiple marriages and Success


Facebook is full of people who are beautiful couples, loyal, happy and smiling. Connection is key of success. Let’s come out of Facebook life. Let’s assume 90% live in married life,5% remain single and 5% do multiple marriages. Success should be in that ratio only. But it is not there..

Move away from productivity porn


We are all addicted to productivity. Racing to goals from multiple direction. Parallel streams are going on to be best- best in looks, best in career, best in attention , or best in family. Race is ON. We are jumping from one stream to another. We want to beat standard set by others.

Management by Zodiac 2/2


You are unique. Some talent is inbuilt in you. Most people do what they are not supposed to do. It is HR role to identify it well and use the natural talent of the person. Zodiac is long survived perceptions, it has withstand time and data. In first part , I gave details about Aries to Virgo. Now lets discuss Libra to Pisces  

The meaning of life..


Google reports quantum supremacy in draft paper


Quantum supremacy, whereby a quantum computer solves a problem in a significantly shorter time than a conventional (classical) computer, may have been achieved for the first time.


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