Pursuit of happiness


People are looking for constant state of happiness. It is theoretically not possible. Happiness is most misunderstood concept. Some think it is peace + growth, peace+ joy, or peace + pleasure. There may be many versions. All want it consistent and growing. It is not possible.

Why 4 days week works ?


Microsoft took recent trial in Japan. Productivity jumped at 40%.  In India, it is mandatory to have 45 hours in office. Human brain is not designed to work 45 hours a week continuously. More relaxation time to consciousness means more power to it to come back and attack with new plans.

Stupidity Matrics


Carlos proposed stupidity metrics. It came to my attention. It looks interesting. Stupidity is global phenomena. Fascists use it for their benefits. It is commodity. You can use this metrics for your benefit. You just have to identify the right stupidity.

Why adaptability is the single most important attribute?


Darwin said - Survival of the fittest. Is it true ? In current nature, Lion is disappearing, Tiger is disappearing, or elephant is disappearing. But dog is surviving. He is adaptable to situation. He has learned to adjust with biggest threat Human. Dog is not only surviving but thriving in today's situation. Fittest may be the lion but he is lazy and egoistic.

Multiple marriages and Success


Facebook is full of people who are beautiful couples, loyal, happy and smiling. Connection is key of success. Let’s come out of Facebook life. Let’s assume 90% live in married life,5% remain single and 5% do multiple marriages. Success should be in that ratio only. But it is not there..


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