Middle class disappearing

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Arun jaitley presented his budget in India. He raised concern about low tax bandwidth. Is it such a difficult problem to bring people in tax net ? There is huge pressure to catch businessman. But lack intention. Any tax leak leads to powerful politician. Tax man is helpless too. My point is here limited to working class who have no choice but to pay tax. He has to take burden of inefficiencies, bank NPA, and useless expenses like election.

IN USA, fifty years ago, 60% Americans were in middle class. Richest 1% is gaining rapidly. Middle class is falling apart. Mostly in downward spiral. Their votes hardly matters now. So democratic parties are making policies for poor or rich. By 2015, only 50% middle class left.

Skew is increasing. Same is true with organizations. Middle management is disappearing. There will be few decision makers and rest workers.

Middle class is like middle sibling. Elder one (rich) is responsible driver of country’s economics. Younger one (poor) gets maximum love. Middle class is just born to count number in tax net.