Karma and Result….

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It is big debate of human race. Karma is input and result is output. Ideally, both should go linear. Every efforts should give equivalent result. In real world, it does not happen that way. That will lead to frustration. Linearity is link to just your skills. Hours you put in one skill, it will defiantly refine your skill to next level. It won’t guarantee worldly success.

Worldly success has two factors Efforts + Luck. Both efforts and luck are uncommon things. That’s why this worldly success too. Result of this is world is full of failed and depressed people. People are running behind babas, spirituality, and happiness gurus. Without knowing the exact definition of happiness, it is useless.

Looking for ideal linear relation in Skill, effort and result in worldly environment is useless.

Lets think it deeply.

1. Less karma –more result: It is mess. In this category we can put people born in high class rich homes or gain through lottery. Such sudden jump of luck create prince and highly egoistic people. And around them, there will be sea of depressed people who find it hard to digest this luck drama. But luck and accidents happens naturally every day. Accepting it will be good for health of social relations.

2. More Karma – less result: Largest population is here. Every farmer or soldier are putting efforts day in day out. These karma yogis find it hard to survive. There may be different reasons like direction is not right , timing is not right, or fixation for change etc. This lead to depression. You try harder but result don’t come

3. Right Karma – Right Result: In world of chaos this hardly exists. Only possibility is stick to values and ethics. That can only save you from emotional reactivity to remain on right path.

Various religions have suggested various paths like Hinduism - Karmanye vadhikaraste . Sharpen your skills and emotional intelligence to keep inner heart protected.