Why people don’t listen to their God??

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It is sensitive issue yet puzzle me sometimes. We pray our god still we behave differently than OUR god. I will take some examples.

Forgiveness is key to Christianity. Jesus died preaching it. "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do." . Most of America pray him. Yet they elect Donald Trump, attack Iraq, Afghanistan etc.

Islam has Mohammed saheb. We have grown up by listening a story of a garbage thrower. One old lady used to throw dirty words and garbage on Mohammed. He reacted to him by kindness. The kind attitude of the Holy Prophet inspired the lady into the recognition of the Truth. Listening this story, it is difficult to understand current violence of islamic extremists.

Hinduism is most violent religion in stories. Almost all gods killed demons. Justice has been done. Shiva, Durga, Kali, Ram or Krishna, all have killed their suppressors. Arjun had left the hope seeing his relatives on battlefield. But, Krishna asked him to do his karma. He had option to forgive all. If you see hindu society’s current behaviour , muslim ruled them , English people ruled them. They hardly resisted. They mostly believe in diversity and inclusion.

Let's take another example of Jainism. Jainism is to rid oneself of the worldly life and become free from the cycle of reincarnation. They have clothless preachers. Its followers are most possessive and they are rich people.

Do we really listen our gods?? It is expected that religious group will behave more like its god. Common sense says so.