Modern day Krishna Sudama

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In Bhagwat Gita, there is a story of Krishna and Sudama, their friendship and their life long commitments for each other. People still treat their friendship as reference point in history. In modern day , it is rare now. It may be because of change in social dynamics.

In current society , we are observing many changes. People are giving too much value to success and failures. In ancient society, poverty was normal and people respected the poor as “UNFORTUNATE”. Brahmin was supposed to be poor and they live on begging. That was a norm and they accept it with grace.

In current society, we treat poor as “LOOSER”. Common myth is anyone can achieve anything. People perceived that losers are not trying enough. Caste system is over. Race is too competitive. Higher peaks are very few. Even 400-500 yrs ago, we used to pray god. Now we pray HUMAN GOD. Our gods are politicians, film stars or riches. We pray success. We punish loosers. It is leading to large isolation , depression and even suicides. We have everything food, cloths , home but no peace. Envy is too high.

Sudama was not a looser , he was unfortunate without social pressure. He had accepted his caste and its poverty. Today’s Sudama and Krishna wear same cloths, same brands, and attend same party. But one is Assit manager of some company and another is CEO of some company. Both can’t sleep in nights. Sudama wants to be rich like Krishna , and Krishna is tracking bigger Krishna. It is open race.

Worst reference points are school reunions, facebook pics, or social interactions. We are giving too much value to success or failure. Even for mini change in money people ditch loyalty, team, friendship, or company.

Nature is full of accidents. Our assumption that goods will be at top, bad at bottom or criminals in jail is ideal situation. Meritocracy has failed and will fail in nature. Success and failure are mere accidents many times. Judging people based on these accident is not fair. We can’t judge anyone‘s value by post, money, or looks.

Success is not bad but valuing a person based on success or failure is bad. Those years, sudama was suffering from fate, poverty, modern day sudama is suffering from social pressures.