School education and its impact:

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It is getting clearer that subject marks are not a guarantee of success. It is mostly centred around to fulfil jobs. Survival has become a priority for many. There is rising inquality in society and there is almost no growth of lower 50% of society. Jobs are shrinking and their nature is changing.

In such scenario, schools are business models with old syllabus with modern outlook. Educational structure has cracked in past 5-10 years. Google or Wikipedia have everything one need. There is no need of human memory to store information.

In long life of 70-80 years, school life is just 15-20 yrs. For rest , we are relying on nature’s way of learning. Students can’t correlate between school study and real life challenges. They find themselves lost.

We need real time or experience based learning. It should help in person to handle emotional crisis , physical crisis or intellectual crisis.