Habit of happy people

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Happiness and peace are two big objectives for all. Everyone is dealing with problems, some we know , some we don’t know. Happiness is choice. No one can be bigger than peace and sleep of mind. Balance in us brings back sense and direction. Happy people lives their life for bucket list and not for CV. Managing focus in big challenge nowadays. Noise is too high. Lets discuss habits of happiness.

1. Choose your fight: Ignore nonsense. Not all fights are good. We have to stand for justice many times. In such lusty world protecting your rights is big challenge. You have to fight sometimes and leave some. Explore solutions. People are broken , in mess and scared. They react unexpectedly. Fight should be for larger good.

2. Friends: Be with positive people. Friends helps us to laugh more. They listen us better than relatives. Spend more time with them.

3. Don’t do too many things: Taking too many things in hand would end in nothing. Multitasking is good in productivity. But never choose too many things at a time. Not all things would give back results you like. Life is long enough and if you cut time from noise and addiction, it have enough bandwidth to try different things. Just prioritise better.

4. Accept changes: Unexpected changes are part of life. You can’t do anything. Accept it. Technology is changing so fast. Relationships and social dynamics too. We are getting integrated to larger web of consciousness.

5. Now: Past and future are not that significant. Act now to fulfil your dreams. Living in now helps us in accepting Past gives fear and pain. Future gives anxiety. We are living in best times of the human history. No one is dying hungry. Most peaceful time. Enjoy nature and now.

6. Lean – talk / think : Overthinking or over-talking is burden on self or others. Communication must be heart. Crisp and clear. Then only it will be authentic and productive.

7. Help : Help others who are less lucky. In all situations, you may not help others , but have empathy to other’s problem and situation. Over help is bad too. Don’t give advice / help which they won’t take seriously. Help the needy.

Life is a beautiful gift. Live fully. be happy.