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Being lean is like being minimalist. As we grow old fat grows naturally. We have to cut it from time to time. I divide PERSONAL FAT in three types

a) Emotional
b) Physical
c) Mental

Let’s discuss one by one

a) Emotional fat: It is a slow killer. It brings depression. It chokes your productivity. Attachment, possessiveness, or hate are just type of this fat. Person can’t think clearly. It simply takes over your mind towards darkness. Very few people have control over it. Many don’t know they are depressed.

We run behind our possessiveness over people and thing. We are not trained to detach our-self. Addiction is natural and DE addiction needs efforts. Attachment ends in suffering which ends in useless thoughts and fears. Man just crawls in life and he runs for safety. That one thing or person sucks him slowly.

Tools to control this fat are meditation, unconditional love and 2 phases of life (Banprastha and sanyas). New generation is much more emotionally intelligent than our generation.

b) Physical fat: Our food has been adulterated a lot . Genetically modified food is new buzz word. Obesity is slowly taking over rich countries/people. Physical work is reducing. Very few people are concern about their physical health. Unhealthy fat is common.

Additionally, internet and mobile have reduced our mobility. We have increased our productivity by sitting at one place. Apps helps us to reduce fat by counting it.

A big industry is working for fast reduction of fat. Almost all well to do people have fat reduction in their list of aspiration. Some are taking steroid and some are stapling their stomach.

Tools to control it is Yoga, marathon, gym, jogging, swimming, cycling, etc and most importantly time.

c) Mental fat : This is new type of fat. Intellectual people have it. Excess qualifications, degrees or ideas are common. They share ideas, even if you don’t need. They are fix on their assumptions and beliefs. You can meet them having conferences, religious discussions, and Intellectual masturbations. They will enforce their invalidated god and ideas over you. They will enforce that their perception is right definition of universe.

It blocks new learning. It stops hearing. It takes away right to question anything. They cry when their belief hurts or assumption shakes. They are full of religious assumptions, false faith and unwanted rituals.

Tools to control is travel, read, unlearn, listen, and experiment. Beware we may be getting just information invalidated and manipulative. Mobile, media and advertisers have skewed our mind in their favour.
Fat is crime in Lean methodology, an unwanted waste. It chokes us. Be aware of it. Observe and work to keep self-fit. It is a journey with no destination.