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Why background music is important in leadership?

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I want to compare 3 recent cases for leadership – Bahubali, Sachin and Modi. In books, leadership may be about vision, truth, skill, attitude, values, or transparency. Many people have it. It is easy to find all these things in a common hard working person. But they are not public leaders.

Difference comes from background music. Common man ignores importance of drummers, chanters, and background music. You may have observed that whenever bahubali arrives on screen, there is huge chanting “Bahubali –bahubali “ … That creates aura and add followers.

Let’s take simple example of Sachin. He is simple, hardworking, disciplined like any other common person. His skill is exceptional. But same is true with Rahul dravid. In number’s both are not that far. Still, one is god and another is simple player. Difference arise from background music/chanters. Many commentators worked hard for years to create that aura of GOD. Let it be ,Sunil Gavaskar, Ravi sastri, Kapil dev, Harsha bogle , and many more who played an important role. Whenever Sachin came to play, these commentators chanted “Sachin –Sachin” and his exceptional skills. That chanting was missing for Dravid. Be fair, Sachin was a failure as a Captain. In many innings he was out for 0, but these chanters never left him. They never missed to see a GOD in him. He has no oral skill like Modi or bahubali but, these chanters are his voice.

If you compare Modi era or Manmohan era, difference is visible. Here the chanters are media journalist and bhakts. Even if you don’t hear sound like “ Bahubali –Bahubli” every day. You can sense it, whole day they chant “Modi -Modi “. They don’t understand rational numbers like growth rate , economy, taxes or fine aspects of governance. In real, they don’t want to hear or compare. Their God is above all these.

Do you have such chanters around you? If not hire some. You don’t have to boast or sell yourself. These chanters will do.