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Career lessons from 3 Khans

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3 khans have been ruling Bollywood for past many years. Despite in their 50’s they are doing great in very competitive field. Every day , new face comes in Bollywood but replacing them is nearly impossible till now. This is not luck. This is hard work, branding, sweat, and well thought strategy. They know their audience well and deliver consistently year after year. All 3 are not best build or best looked like their young counterpart but know their art of survival well. We can learn something from them

1. Know your strength: Shahrukh is good in romance, Aamir in creativity and Salman in macho image. They are doing well in their skills. Building up in that. Exploring new avenues but they return back to basics. Holding their fort and specialization. They are Unique and never cross each other’s territory.

2. Rely on young talent: All three gives chance to young talent. In Dangal movie, Aamir experimented with young faces. Despite on peak, they have to take idea from young brain. Almost all three Khans take risk with new faces. SRK’s recent story with Alia is example of same phenomena. All 3 khans always explore acting talent, direction talent or music talent. Never rigid to one singer or idea.

3. Balance Quality & quantity : Aamir produces one film per year. Bothe SRK and Salman have also reduce frequency. Aamir knows good product works. He hardly marketed DANGAL. But SRK heavily reply on marketing. He passionately marketed his film Raees. Creativity , passion and marketing have to merge in right amount. SRK is not that creative like AAMir abut he balances it with marketing skill.

4. Rotate theme: Be it hero, violin, they change role. Or flavour of motivational, sport, comedy, action, or romance. Rotate theme. Audience hardly want to see the same face or flavour. Ranveer Kapoor or Ranvir singh are doing same mistake. You can’t present same acting again and again . People get bore. They need new subject or flavour. Over delivery kills interest and they know it. Some times you have to work with multiple actors (AAmir in Dhoom 3) . Sometimes all new faces. Keep something new to show. SRK sometimes become lover boy, sometimes love guru. Hardly matters.

5. Failures are part of game: Aamir failed in dhoom 3 recently. SRK too failed many times. Critics write off you even after one failure. Not all innings will be appreciated. But you have to be in game all the times. You will fail. Critics will be on your head. Hardly matters. It differentiate a legand and actor. If you have come long way in your area, don’t leave it. Build on it. If you can’t be player be coach, or be a administrator, writer, preacher, guide, or anything, but do it with heart. Have control on your product. Keep eye on every detail of your product.

6. End to end product: All 3 are answerable to end to end delivery. Be the music, direction, acting, or production. They are brand. And each moment of their movies are linked to them.

Life is long. Be a legend. If you have given 10, 000 hours to a field , don’t leave it without creating a mark. Be in any role whatever life has given you. Sharpen the saw and deliver regularly in your niche area.