Corruption is a necessary evil

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Corruption is outcome of hunger. Corruption is outcome of hunger of look respected, big and powerful in society. Politicians helps businessman for assets or market shares. Media men helps their friend to win votes. So corruption is helping friends in acquisition of assets.

IN stories, we celebrated helping friends, In Ramayana, Sugriva helped Rama with all his army. In Gita, Krishna helped his poor friend Sudama. Duryodhana gave his kingdom share to Karna. Or, Drupada committed half of his kingdom to his childhood friend guru Drona. We celebrated all. Helping friends is natural instinct to us. It boosts inner confidence and ego of giver.

But in today’s context, same friendship become problem. Nexus of media, businessman, or politician is slowly consolidating world’s assets. People think them as corrupt pair.

All hungers are uncontrollable and has no end. More you acquire or taste it than more you want. It is like a sex or porn. Corruption is necessary for development of power centres or human connects. No relation is free. We connect people for mutual benefits. It is natural. We expect benefits. It may be evil but true and natural.

" “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” - Lord Acton

World’s top 8 people have half of assets. Rest are dying in hunger. Is this a sustainable model. Inequality is increasing day by day. And they may end in nuclear war too. People are showing their frustration by choosing incompetent Donald trump or inequality supportive ineffective Obama. That anger is visible. Localization is increasing over globalization.

Even if corruption is natural, should it be rampant. It should be limited by law and over use should be controlled before it become messy. Social norms control other hunger. Hope some day this will be controlled too. Equality is a dream and ideal state. Nature never allows it. Nature works on power rules.

Less corrupt countries are more happy and peaceful. All hungers are respected like in some European countries. It can be reduced but can;t be make zero.

Sex and corruption have similarities. Both are hungers , but good if it is done within social limits.