Indian economy needs jobs, stimulus wont work in the long run..


Yesterday, finance minister gave boost to the economy by injecting free money. It is like distributing tax payer’s hard earned money for free. It boosts consumption. But dies soon. It is not sustainable in the long run.

Why nationalism is bad ?


Nationalism waters our ego. And ego is soul’s worst enemy. India is in ego trip today on independence day, Pakistan did yesterday. Ego is emotional drip which kills our creativity and innovation. It kills people who may be from their own community or other’s. Border are meaningless now a days. In the world of AI , the human mind has bigger threats. These threats are technical in nature.

Matching attention with task


It is most difficult thing. Attention does not match easily with task . Without sync in two, we fail. It can happen by these

Need: Once need is there. We do all that need. 

A Diet Based on a Nobel Prize Winning Idea Can Help You Lose Weight and Slow Down Aging


A Japanese scientist named Yoshinori Ohsumi discovered a principle of eating that helps us stay young and healthy. It was so innovative, Ohsumi received The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2016.

New epidemic - Mental health


Coffee day owner has died. It left us with many questions. Entrepreneurs are now talking about mental health openly. It is most ignored hygiene. We are living between hurted people with twisted intentions. Can we ignore their effect on us.


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