Negotiation Skills
You Negotiate Everyday – Anytime You Want Something From Someone And Anytime Someone Wants Something From You, You Are Negotiating.Negotiation is a skill we all subconsciously use throughout the day in both work and social situations. It is a process of bargaining during which two or more parties agree an outcome. But, in this instance, the intention is to look at “bigger picture” or “set piece” negotiations.

Negotiation is a complex communication process. There are two types of negotiation process that differ fundamentally in their approach:

  • the first is co-operative, or win/win these are characterised by open and empathetic communication and can be referred to as partnership agreements
  • the second is adversarial or win/lose in these each party attempts to maximise their gain and the other’s loss and agreements so produced are usually unstable.

    You really should be striving towards a win/win outcome and this may well require some flexibility in your approach. You need to keep a positive attitude, be reasonable and want a successful outcome.

    "The first offer is never the final offer.” Edward Levin

    When negotiating use an agenda to keep the focus on your goals and the discussions on track; pay attention to detail – negotiations depend on clear communication as misunderstandings are potential time-bombs.

  • Steps of negotiation skills
    Step one - Prepare What do you want?
  • Research
  • LIST your objectives and their objectives
  • Those you INTEND to get
  • Those you MUST get

    Step Two - Debate What do you want?

  • Listen carefully
  • Ask questions
  • Clarify
  • Summarise
  • Don’t argue, interrupt or assume

    Step Three -Propose What wants can we trade?

  • Make proposals
  • State conditions
  • Express concerns
  • Search for common interests
  • Use positive body language

    Step Four- Bargain What wants can we trade?

  • Key words are IF and THEN
  • Start making concession:
  • Every concession should have a condition (IF you … THEN I will … )
  • Conserve your concessions - don’t give everything away too soon
  • You don’t have to share every piece of information with the opposing side!
  • Don’t be afraid to say no

    Step Five Agree

  • Usually final concession : “IF you do that, THEN we have a deal!”
  • Gain commitment
  • Record and agree results
  • Leave satisfied
  • Negotiation style
    Pragmatic (Street Fighter)
  • Bottom Line
  • Straight To The Facts
  • Time Conscious
  • Active
  • Likes To Be In Charge

    Extrovert (Den Mother)

  • Emotional
  • Easily Motivated
  • Friendly
  • Excitable

    Amiable (Pacifier)

  • Loves People
  • No Sense Of Time

    Analytical (Executive)

  • Thorough
  • Analyzes
  • Seeks Root Causes
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