My Favouiate Law Resources

Business law

 Legal Heritage and Critical Legal Thinking

 Court Systems and Jurisdiction

 Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

 Constitutional Law for Business and Online Commerce

 Torts and Cyber Privacy

 Strict Liability and Product Liability

 Intellectual Property and Internet Law

 Business and Online Crimes

 Nature of Traditional and Online Contracts


 Consideration and Equity

 Capacity and Legality

 Genuineness of Assent

 Writing and Formality

 Third-Party Rights and Discharge

 Remedies for Breach of Traditional and Online Contracts

 E-Contracts and Licensing

 Formation of Sales and Lease Contracts

  Performance of Sales and Lease Contracts

 Remedies for Breach of Sales and Lease Contracts

 Sales and Lease Warranties

 Creation of Negotiable Instruments

 Transferability and Holder in Due Course

 Liability, Defenses, and Discharge

 Checks, Banking, and Wire Transfers

 Credit and Security Interests in Real Property

 Secured Transactions and Security Interests in Personal Property

 Bankruptcy Law and Consumer Debt Adjustment

 Agency Formation and Termination

 Liability of Principals and Agents

 Employment and Worker Protection Laws

 Labor Law

 Equal Opportunity in Employment

 Entrepreneurship, Sole Proprietorships, and General Partnerships

 Limited Partnerships

 Domestic and Multinational Corporations

 Corporate Directors, Officers, and Shareholders

 Corporate Mergers, Tender Offers, and Shareholder Resolutions

 Limited Liability Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships

 Franchises and Special Forms of Business

 Investor Protection and Online Securities Transactions

 Ethics and Social Responsibility of Business

 Administrative Law

 Consumer Protection

 Environmental Protection

 Antitrust Law

 Personal Property and Bailment

 Real Property

 Landlord-Tenant Relationship and Land Use Regulation


 Liability of Accountants

 Wills, Trusts, and Living Wills

 Family Law

 International and World Trade Law

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