Intellectual Waste
Intellectual activity that serves no practical purpose. Intellectual watse is the the act of engaging in intelligent and interesting conversation purely for the enjoyment of your own greatness and individuality.Mental masturbation may be the reason for overly complicated and hard to understand solutions being implemented in one company, despite simpler and more commonly understood solutions being used at a number of other companies in the same industry. Such acts don't lead to any constructive results what so ever in the real world; some might even imagine oneself being transformed into superman.

Most men struggle at some time in their lives with intellectual thoughts. Contrary to popular perception, even women can become ensnared by intelligent thinking. We all go through that phase where we suddenly discover we have brains and we can think! From there we can be tempted to entertain all kinds of philosophical questions, and some even begin to think seriously about exegetical issues.The danger is when we start thinking for ourselves and using that intellectual power to seriously consider big questions about life and God.

Do or Don't
1. Don't be on your own in front of the TV. You know what it's like -- you're flicking channels late at night and on Discovery is some documentary or other. You justify it to yourself, saying you're just naturally curious, but pretty soon you are having rational thoughts from which you just can't get away.

2. Try to avoid walking through parts of town where you might have to pass bookstores or libraries. I remember as a teenager the lure of commentaries and concordances. Walking home from work or school, try a route that takes you past a fundamentalist church instead, even if it takes five minutes longer. It's worth it!

3. Have a block on all junk mail in your email account. I have lost track of the number of young men I have counselled who were first drawn into these practices by an innocent-looking e-mail inviting them to subscribe to a theology forum or visit a website containing "reviews" and "articles" by "scholars".

4. Be accountable. If you are feeling a strong desire to think through a given topic (e.g. a doctrine) sensibly and rationally (first thing in the morning and last thing at night are the most common times), talk to someone. Have them recite prooftexts to you. 1 Corinthians 2 is the most helpful.

5. Don't let yourself be exposed to material of a scholarly nature. Don't fool yourself into thinking that just one quick look at a intellectual commentary won't hurt, or that a peek at a book by a liberal will be harmless. Often it just becomes a stepping stone onto other, far worse material that may draw on tradition, philosophy and, at times, common sense.

6. Don't collect degrees If not required, or don't add any value, it is useless to gain degrees. People read many things which are hardly used later.It become a wasteless storage in your mind. And, you may just use it n showing other your intellectual strength.

7. Don't collect information on politics,news,movies, or games Is it adding value in you? Ask while spending time on these subjects. These areas are major time consumers of the world and it does not add any value in you. If you have career related to that area, then its fine.

8. Know your spiritual needs Are you looking for God and self realization? Then its fine to know more about spirituality. In case, your aim is help others and live more balance life then it is better to engage less in these areas.

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