Holland Codes
Holland (1985) created Holland Code Career Model, Holland Hexagon Model or Holland Codes. Holland Codes assessments are career assessment tests. Different assessments provide career cluster information, college major information, lists of careers, and job finder resources. You can use your unique combination of interests to find a career that matches.

The Holland Code Career Model matches jobs into job codes, interest clusters, work personality environments, or personality types. The Occupational Codes are

Personal Profile System
Realistic (the Do-ers)
  • Athletic or mechanical ability
  • Prefer to work with objects, machines, tools, plants or animals or to be outdoors
  • Good motor coordination
  • Career possibilities: Mechanic, Carpenter, Chef, Bus driver, Electrical engineer, Optician ,Welder

    Investigative (the Thinkers)

  • Like to observe,learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate or solve problems
  • Scientific orientation
  • Task oriented
  • Career possibilities: Anthropologist ,Biologist, Chemist, Computer Programmer, Dentist, Meteorologist, Psychologist

    Artistic (the Creators)

  • Artistic, innovating or intuitional abilities
  • Like to work in unstructured situations using imagination and creativity.
  • Career possibilities: Actor/Actress, Architect, Dancer, Music Teacher , Graphic Designer, Photographer , Writer/Editor

    Social (the Helpers)

  • Like to work with people
  • Enjoy healing, developing, training, or enlightening others
  • Skilled with words
  • Career possibilities: Athletic trainer , Chaplain, Dietician , Elementary School Teacher, Clergy, Registered Nurse, Business Teacher

    Enterprising (the Persuaders)

  • Work with people
  • Good verbal skills
  • Strong leaders
  • Persuasive
  • Concerned with power, status, leadership
  • Ambitious, confident
  • Career possibilities: Advertising manager, Financial planner , Credit analyst, Office manager, Journalist, Lawyer, Stock Broker, Restaurant Manager

    Conventional (the Organizers)

  • Like to work with data
  • Have clerical or numerical ability
  • Carry out tasks in detail
  • Follow through on others‘ instructions
  • Orderly, dependable
  • Career possibilities: Accountant , Business teacher , Cashier, Financial Analyst, Clerk, Kindergarten teacher, Legal, secretary, Telephone operator

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