Gross world product
Gross world product (GWP) is the total gross national product of all the countries in the world. This also equals the total gross domestic product. See measures of national income and output for more details. The per capita GWP in 2008 was approximately $10,500 US dollars (USD).

According to The World Economy, a truly invaluable reference work, GWP grew by 0.15% a year between 1000 and 1500; by 0.32% a year between 1500 and 1820; by 0.93% a year between 1820 and 1870; by 2.11% a year between 1870 and 1913; by 1.85% a year between 1913 and 1950; by 4.91% a year between 1950 and 1973; and by 3.01% a year between 1973 and 1998, just when China really started taking off.

At this point, the IMF defines a global recession to be any year with less than 3% GWP growth, so a drop to 1% is brutal indeed. A fall into negative territory would be shocking in the extreme -- the kind of thing one would expect to see only in the event of a major global upheaval such as world war or climatic catastrophe.

Global Economy


GDP (purchasing power parity)

GDP- per capita (PPP)

$69.62 trillion (2008 est.)

$10,400 (2008 est.)

$67.54 trillion (2007 est.)

$10,200 (2007 est.)

$64.32 trillion (2006 est.)

$9,800 (2006 est.)

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