GROW model of coaching
The GROW Model underpins Coaching at all levels, whether carried out with groups or individuals.Coaching focuses people on achieving goals, rather than dwelling upon past behaviour and ‘failures’ or having a casual discussion. The GROW Model underpins this, providing a framework for each session. This framework is not linear or rigid: the coach will jump between the stages to follow the client’s interests and enable them to move forward.
What the client wants to achieve and the specific output of the coaching session.

This stage gives coaching its distinct forward-moving characteristic. It enables the client (and coach) to:

  • Be very clear what they are working to achieve
  • Chunk the goals down into smaller, achievable goals
  • Ensure that all actions are geared towards achieving the goals (“begin with the end in mind” )
  • Ensure that the goals are not in conflict with other goals
  • Develop a compelling future and thus the motivation to take action.
  • Reality
    The current situation in relation to the goal

    This stage gives the client a starting point for moving towards the goals. It enables the client (and coach) to realise achievements, capabilities, behaviour, available resources and empowering beliefs and feelings, whilst challenging limiting beliefs and feelings.

    This assists the client to see the situation from an ‘outside/in’ perspective; the client often then takes actions without thinking about it (“awareness is curative” ). The stage also provides the opportunity to review progress during future sessions, creating accountability and identifying new learning and actions.

    The different ways that the client could achieve the goal

    This stage gives the client support and time to think creatively and differently about how they can achieve the goal. This is crucial if the client is going to change behaviour and beliefs. It also provides powerful and lasting experience of creative thinking.

    Way Forward and Will
    The specific actions that the client is committed to taking to move towards the goal.

    To achieve goals, greater fulfillment and pleasure, people have to translate dreams into reality. This stage completes this, by supporting, encouraging and focussing the client to plan and take actions within useful timescales.

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