You are being manipulated

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We are in middle of technology war. New business model is evolving. Capitalism is ready to get into your brain to control your choices, your time and your consciousness. We are eating data unconsciously. It is being manipulated and feeded by WhatsApp, Facebook, or twitter.

In social media world , each one of us is celebrity. Living on false illusion of beauty (selfies), power and likes. It is so vulnerable. It can be eroded in one moment. Living on something which is non sustainable. It breaks lives. It propagates depression, isolation and loneliness. Google is manipulating search results. We are forced to see what is comfortable to few business houses.

We are more atomic now. Earlier it was like solid state molecule. Some nearby relations (atoms) used to support us. Now we are in gaseous state. Atoms are running fast to grab credit like power, likes, or appreciation. Ego is prominent emotion. It comes from identity. He all are scare of rejection. But to avoid it we are building an illusion of selfies or false powers of likes. This race for unique identity is taking us away from real meaning of life.

Society is breaking in pieces. Family system will fall. Mobile will isolate you so that you can be manipulated by data which is being feed to you by some companies.

Consciousness loves easy work. It likes auto piolet mode. Mobile is easy way to eat information. I see youngster feeding empty time by games, TV series or chatting. It kills creativity. It loads consciousness to mess traffic of thought. We don’t have time to push life to direction we want.

Now question arises what is end of this atomic consciousness model full of manipulated information? These manipulated bhakts won’t listen anything about these companies, media houses or human gods. One day, their consciousness will stop listening their own voice. Human bonds will break. Atomic and gaseous consciousness will blast one day like boiling water inside chamber. Humanity may end. Hope new generation will have better tools to handle this manipulated gaseous consciousness filled with few emotions and thoughts.