Why perception matters ??

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We all saw Smith and Warner cried in press conference. Crime was violation of ethics. These Australian cricketers had violated their perception to win game by right ethics. It sounds strange the anger among Australia for their act. Not every Australian lives on values and ethics. Is it just Smith and Warner’s responsibility to protect country’s image.

We expect good people to do more good. We punish even the slightest deviation. If a bad man does smallest good, people respect him for it. For example, if a corrupt politician does good act with a poor. We treat him as god.

We all have behaviour’s reference point. It is ok , if we behave within limit. If a politician just do corruption, we ignore him, as it is his basic nature.

If a boss is very tough and ruthless, and in one fine day, he helps you. He starts praying him. ON other hand, if a boss is very genuine and polite, we take seriously his slightest bad act.

Problem comes with people who takes good stand in public, like sportman or armyman. When they fall, public takes it hard. Irom Chanu Sharmila was an activist. She kept fast for long time for her people in Manipur. When she decided to participate in political polls, people forgot her hard work. Rejected her.

People test purity of our values, our words, and our stands. People expect Arvind Kejriwal to remain corruption free whole life. They check and recheck his all expenses and their sources. Though we have millions of other corrupt politicians. For them, it is way of life.

Nothing can be pure. Efforts and intention of people should be seen. We need more smiths and Warners. We have to forget their small mistakes. We should punish people with extreme bad behaviour like politicians, bankers, and some businessman.

Fallen heroes are realities and they deserve more respect. People should see in larger prospective.